Meet Morakhiya

Meet Morakhiya

Journalist, Blogger, Copywriter

Not much to tell. I enjoy reading, writing and anything that has to do with the written word. I am very good at writing and always got "A's" in English.

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Understanding the science behind online slot games article

Understanding The Science Behind Online Slot Games

Many fans of online slot games play them just because of the thrill these games bring. However, winning money is what makes them excited.

2 ignored but smart dos to choose the right professional pcb tool article

2 Ignored but Smart Dos to Choose the Right Professional PCB Tool

As a professional developer, you have a variety of options when there is a requirement for a PCB design tool. These options belong to different categories such as free and open-source, low-cost, and high-end tools.

How to select embedded software development tools smartly article

How to Select Embedded Software Development Tools Smartly

A tough competition based on technological advancement always imposes the threat of being disrupted from the seat that a business might have occupied for many years. This is also applicable to the field of embedded software development companies, at a macro level.

Finding the most suitable pcb developer in the us article

Finding the Most Suitable PCB Developer in the US: What are Inherent Professional Qualities?

Finding the right Printed Circuit Board (PCB) developer can be somewhat confusing, as there are many such developers across the U.S.A.