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Meet Morakhiya

Journalist, Blogger, Copywriter

Not much to tell. I enjoy reading, writing and anything that has to do with the written word. I am very good at writing and always got "A's" in English.

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How to minimize the risks of covered call selling article

How To Minimize The Risks Of Covered Call Selling

Covered calls are one of the most common and popular strategies to generating income in mildly up-trending or flat markets. Covered calls, for the uninitiated, are when you own the underlying stock and sell someone the right to buy the stock in case it reaches the strike price before expiration.

Image article

6 Trusted Risk Mitigation Strategies for Covered Call Selling

Covered calls are one of the most common and popular strategies to generating income in mildly up-trending or flat markets.

3 most expensive prototyping traps to avoid article
Everything Finance

3 Most Expensive Prototyping Traps to Avoid

Prototyping is considered an efficient process for incorporating new product ideas and innovation. It helps in saving both time and money while selling an idea or making an improvement for fulfilling the demands of customers.

Investoer or lender article

Investor or Lender: Which is Better for Small Business Investments

A small business always needs sufficient capital for its day-to-day operations. This money is essential for investing in labor, machinery, and an advance system for managing the workforce...

Starting your own trucking business article

Things to Consider Before Starting Your Own Trucking Business

Regardless of the business climate, it seems that there’s always going to be work for truckers. The only problem is whether that work is going to pay off.

Featured image article

Best Free and Paid Tools For PCB Design

Printed circuit boards are in the very core of every microcontroller, which makes them essential in the modern-day tech.

Understanding the science behind online slot games article

Understanding The Science Behind Online Slot Games

Many fans of online slot games play them just because of the thrill these games bring. However, winning money is what makes them excited.

How to make engaging interviews for your vlog article

How to Make Engaging Interviews for your Vlog

Looking to up your vlogging game? We’ll outline how to make your vlogging interviews that much more interesting.

3 simple considerations to enjoy guaranteed boosted returns on investments article

3 Simple Considerations to Enjoy Guaranteed Boosted Returns on Investments

Time is money! This adage is true every moment, as you spend time in whatever you do even if it does not involve money. However, when it involves money with an expectation of some returns, it is a valuable investment.

4 common investment risks and how to mitigate them article

4 Common Investment Risks And How To Mitigate Them

‘Investments are risks’, this is a common phrase, but when viewed closely, what isn’t a risk?

Learn business skills online for a startup article

Learn Business Skills Online For A Startup

A new startup, these days, requires you to be a jack of all traits. In other words, you need to master the basic business skills required to be a versatile player and meet the requirements demanded of you.

How a prototyping tool can benefit your business article

How A Prototyping Tool Can Benefit Your Business?

Can you recall the number of times you have fixed the client feedback at different stages of software or hardware development life cycle?

How cpa firms should react to the growth in iot article
Accounting Web

How CPA Firms Should React To The Growth In IOT?

‘The internet of things’ (IoT) has become a 21st century mainstay and with the increased growth in the smart connectivity of all gadgets and devices, it is set to stay and even to dominate the scene of manufacturing, service providing, sales and our everyday lives.

2 ignored but smart dos to choose the right professional pcb tool article

2 Ignored but Smart Dos to Choose the Right Professional PCB Tool

As a professional developer, you have a variety of options when there is a requirement for a PCB design tool. These options belong to different categories such as free and open-source, low-cost, and high-end tools.

How to select embedded software development tools smartly article

How to Select Embedded Software Development Tools Smartly

A tough competition based on technological advancement always imposes the threat of being disrupted from the seat that a business might have occupied for many years. This is also applicable to the field of embedded software development companies, at a macro level.